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Red Coil Matted
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ERidges 9-18
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DTS Geo Cover 12-11-2019
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      Dynamic Tubular Systems and DTS Geothermal are pioneering full capability, self-setting expansible tubulars used for isolation and enhanced production purposes in drilling, well construction, completions & interventions. These high strength, elastically operated liners, patches, hangers, packers, and sleeves are capable of in excess of 300% diametric expansion, thus fully preserving working diameter in openhole or even when set underneath production tubing. The new patches and assemblies may be passed through and set underneath previous installations. DTS liner technology is also self-sealing, requiring no cementing time or expense. Pressure and collapse properties exceed 10,000-psi.

DTS Geothermal


  • Technology That Cuts Baseload Geothermal Development Cost By 50%


  • Enabling 25X+ Growth of Geothermal to 20% of Global Electricity


  • New Manufacturing, Construction & Materials Efficiencies Eliminating 1/2 of Some High Tonnage GHG Sources


     Hydrothermal and EGS resources are massive prospective baseload sources capable of 20% of global electricity generation. Residential scale potential of thermal resources doubles the 20% figure. However, less than 0.4% is online. Although the most economic of all renewables, geothermal is also the most underinvested due to relative capital intensity and performance risks owing to outdated design....See the DTS Geothermal page for more information. 

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