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          DTS Geothermal for Operators & Developers:

DTS Geothermal


  • Technology That Cuts Baseload Geothermal Development Cost By 50%


  • Enabling 25X+ Growth of Geothermal to 20% of Global Electricity


  • Leading New Manufacturing and Construction Efficiencies That Eliminate 1/2 or More of High Tonnage Building Materials Accounting for 1/6 of GHG Generation


     Hydrothermal and EGS resources are massive prospective baseload sources capable of 20% of global electricity generation. Residential scale potential of thermal resources doubles the 20% figure. However, less than 0.4% is online. Although the most economic of all renewables, geothermal is also the most underinvested due to relative capital intensity and performance risks owing to outdated design, construction, and materials inputs and practices. DTS’s technology revolutionizes these factors, dramatically reducing development cost well beyond threshold levels needed to enable global realization of this abundant clean energy space.


     DTS Geothermal’s unique, proprietary technology reduces cost and performance risks for major cost components of geothermal development. DTS Technologies are large ratio, dimensionally expansible tubulars utilizing strain energized, high strength materials that increase structural strength while reducing weight. With dozens of applications across industries, these products are primarily used to pass through one another and instantly support and seal geologic or other structural voids. DTS products do this by exerting “self-lining” and “self-adjusting” bias, simultaneously performing the functions of steel and cement, even eliminating certain of their necessity. Chief capabilities of the technology include diameter, or internal volume preservation and discrete placement and setting most anywhere. When used for its key purpose: streamlining well construction profile, DTS eliminates needs for or more of traditional multiple-layer steel casings and of the cement. Single diameter wells, the ultimate in drilling and construction industries, are possible only through use of this technology. For geothermal, the materials and time savings are significant, amounting to thousands of tons and millions of dollars per well, or as much as 25% of the total cost to develop a typical geothermal resource.


     DTS Technology’s 25% savings are the cornerstone of a leveraged operational and financial . The DTS operational model integrates the supply chain for all major developmental components and aligns all interests in a net positive manner. Currently, geothermal and similar industries suffer from supplier interests not aligned with those of energy development. Indeed, pricing and unavailability of suddenly scarce materials and services normally increase at rates faster than energy prices themselves. Such increases are only detrimental to planning and development. The DTS model creates opposite conditions of low cost, full availability, and energy development incentivization. The quite remarkable development cost and investment risk reductions of 50% magnitude will enable the growth of geothermal energy as a principal baseload clean power source.


     DTS will additionally institute new expectations for efficiencies respecting high tonnage GHG materials utility. In addition to energy development cost reductions, DTS Technology represents advances in manufacturing and in the functionality, lifecycle costs, and efficient use of essential materials. The technology’s specialized manufacturing processes can be used convert and join high strength materials, then integrate elastic strain energy into any variety of products and large components, gaining strength and weight advantages for many industries. Gains are also made against GHG generation through attenuation of high-tonnage static structural design practices, oversizing, construction and manufacturing overlaps, redundancies, and materials derating and over-supply.


     DTS Geothermal is developing investment and operator cooperations towards full deployment of the technology’s solutions to renewable energy developments worldwide. Please see for contact information and further details.


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