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Enabling Clean Baseload Energy at 3/4 of Traditional Costs
DTS Geothermal is 25% More Economic Than Solar or Wind   
     Geothermal energy is grossly under invested due to high upfront costs and subsurface risk, half of which are attributable to antiquated drilling practices. Geothermal generates only 0.3% to 0.4% of global electricity, but it is capable of 10% or substantially more. Improvements to drilling can dramatically reduce resource development costs and enable growth as a massive baseload energy source. There are no imminent step-change technologies to enable such growth for the perennially tiny industry.
       Drilling represents nearly 1/2 of total resource development cost. DTS Geothermal Technology eliminates 50% of the cost and time needed to drill utility scale geothermal wells by instantly repairing wellbore problems and by avoiding associated costly isolation procedures. Downhole repairs normally requiring days, or sometimes weeks, are completed in a few hours with the new technology. The savings are critical, as there are typically three major downhole problem incidents per well, but there can be as many as 50. Given such commonplace, and even catastrophic incidence, one-half of the of the industry's drilling and production objectives fail on any variety of levels, requiring re-drilling. DTS Geothermal's technology eradicates 90% of wellbore problems, resulting in very substantial mitigation of field and investment risk.
   These avoidance, expedience, and elimination attributes dramatically lower the costs, time, and risks of exploration and production well drilling. Because drilling costs are disproportionately high at one-half of overall development capital, and because DTS Technology saves half of those disproportionate costs, DTS's savings amount to a very significant 1/4 reduction in the total developmental cost of thermal resources. Further, due to geothermal's around-the-clock power generation, making it on par with the costs of solar and wind, DTS's capital reduction renders geothermal energy actually 25% more economic than solar or wind.
         There is an imminent step-change technology to enable massive growth for the under invested industry:
  • Geothermal well fields at 50% lower cost
  • 45% lower installation time, and with the assurances
  • 80% reduced subsurface risk profile 
Clean Baseload Energy at 3/4 of the Traditional Cost.
                                                 DTS Geothermal is 25% More Economic Than Solar or Wind 

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